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Skilled Institute

Private Umbrella School for
Home-Educated Teens & Tweens

For nearly 100 years, the traditional school systems have become less and less educational, and more and more destructive of actual growth, knowledge, and success. The school system has erased learning in exchange for rote memorization and testing of the teacher's ability to teach, not the student's ability to learn. They have replaced the love of exploration, curiosity, and individual growth with a one size fits all model for success, leaving most students overwhelmed and seen as behind. That means every generation alive today, especially our kids, have been raised in an ever more failing, cyclical system with broken and outdated ideas around learning, growth, and success.  

That's why the founder of Skilled Institute and creator of the SKILLED curriculum,  Legit SaraJane did all of this.  The Skilled Institute is a revolutionary education platform dedicated to helping teens and tweens all over America to learn, grow, and share based on whom they were created to be and to become. 

SKILLED aims to change the way teens learn. To make it fun again, interesting again, and MEANINGFUL again. To discover all the skills we need at every age to THRIVE in life confidently. 

The Skilled Institute uses the SKILLED curriculum as a Private Umbrella School for home-based-education students aged 11-18. We manage all the record-keeping, reporting, and high school graduation requirements so parents don't have to. This gives parents the freedom of Home-education without the stress of managing the state requirements, teaching, or endless details. Students who complete the requirements graduate with a diploma from The Skilled Institute which is welcomed by colleges and universities around the world. 


Including App based access to proprietary courses which are offered Online to cover a full range of curricula. Students meet graduation requirements by learning the most important life skills needed for teens to thrive today and well into adulthood. 

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