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    • A Co-op parent, youth group leader, or camp director will schedule a day and time for the SKILLED  team to come to your chosen location for programing. {We also have access to a few locations based on date and number of teens, if needed}

    • During scheduling, the leader will choose the amount of time, lesson taught, and number of teens attending. 

    • Teens will be supervised and instructed by SKILLED curriculum creator, Legit SaraJane, and instructors who have completed a Level 2 background check and SKILLED training. 

    • Teens will spend each meeting learning the HOW and the WHY behind a new life skill from 4 categories. Then they will be free to explore that skill, dive deeper into skills that they have already experienced, and practice these skills through an unschooling style where the student follows their desire for knowledge through research, experimenting through their own choices, and observing natural consequences. All under the supervision and facilitation of instructors and within an intentionally developed proprietary framework.

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    • Rather than assigning an arbitrary grade level to age, which we don't see in any other area of life, we welcome students 11-18. 

    • All teens & tweens learn alongside one another through hands-on, exciting, and meaningful lessons. 

    • Teens who show notable growth, skill, ability, knowledge, or self-awareness on a topic will be given opportunities to share their skills with other students. Typically by offering support, sharing of experience, knowledge, and friendship during the unschooling portion of each lesson. 

    • We know through experience and science that teens learn best from peer interactions. Instructors will supervise unschooling time but encourage students to bond through sharing of skills, wisdom, and friendship. 


    • We realize that technology is an important part of modern learning and connection. However, phones, tablets, and computers will be kept in a specific space​ throughout the LIVE learning program. 

    • Parents will have contact information for Instructors in case of an emergency. 


    • The Bible calls us to discipline (disciple), not punishment. SKILLED curriculum founders and staff​ hold that discipline is seen as logical, connected, and natural consequences for choices made. 

    • Teens will be given the opportunity to choose their attitude, level of respect for themselves and others, motivation, and drive repeatedly throughout each day. They will also be the ones responsible for correcting, taking responsibility for, and "cleaning up" any mess that is made through a negative choice. 

    • They will be given encouragement, support, and achievement ranking based on learning how to make better choices along the way. 

    • This means we never ever have to be the "bad guy". We never ever have to punish poor choices. We simply facilitate and support the teens in "cleaning up" any mess they may have made (emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and social). This not only teaches teens but also empowers them to make better choices on their own next time. This method is amazing for feeding their need for independence and building self-confidence.

    • We believe in grace upon grace and then some more grace. Students will be given gentle but firm corrections and choices on how they can "clean it up". Once a situation is cleaned up. They get to start again without judgment or guilt from instructors. Instructors will facilitate and model this behavior to all students so that they can learn to be graceful with themselves and others as well.

    • Students who are unable or unwilling to be responsible for the natural consequences of their choices, or put themselves or others in harm will be asked to take a break from live learning and given a path back to the group. 

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